Youtube -abortionist Dr. Tiller at National Educational Association

Washington, DC ( – The National Education Association is under fire again for promoting abortion – this time because it allowed late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller to have a speaking role at its building.

They’re all creeps, obviously.

One wonders why, given the horrible job they do educating our kids, why the NEA doesnt spend more time trying to effectively teach our children and les time teachng them promiscouity, sexual perversion and infanticide.

I think that the NEA should be smart enough to know that by promoting abortion they are killing children that would mean fuller classrooms therefore more JOBS for the members of the NEA in the future. They are trying to put themselves out of business,

They’re not smart enough to figure that out, obviously.

Tiller the Killer shouldn’t be allowed in public at all. Of course, since he bought the governor’s office with blood money, no one will do anything about him. I used to live in Wichita, and spent many an hour praying in front of his abortuary. :frowning: I can’t even imagine how many thousands upon thousands of little souls were ripped apart there. :crying:

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