YouTube and Atheist comments

There’s Penn & Teller, the Atheist Experience, KingHeathen, Pat Condell (my personal favorite), among others who are great YouTube hits! It’s quite funny to read the Christian comments to these Atheist videos.

But, one must ask themselves, “Hey, where are all the Christian/Catholic celebs?” Of course, there are Christian-themed videos, and–just as the Christians desperately “invading” Atheist videos in hopes of contributing to an Atheist converting-- there are those “annoying” Atheists violating Christian comfort zones.

So… as far as comfort goes, how do you feel when you watch these Atheistic videos? And how do you feel when Atheists give negative comments to the Christian videos you seem to love?
Queasy? Annoyed? Angry?

And which one is worse? The Atheistic video bashing almost every religion that annoys them? Or the Atheist commenter who’s telling you to “Think for yourself.” :rolleyes:

Feel free to be honest, of course, and (if you can help it) try to stay mature about this. I am very interested in all of your opinions. :slight_smile:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Penn & Teller can be amusing, then again, that’s their job. Pat Condell really sticks it to the Islamo-fascists, so he scores points there.

As far as atheistic comments on Christian videos; they don’t bother me, except when they start getting vulgar, disgusting, or hateful, then I flag 'em.

It doesn’t bother me for the most part. Whenever anyone puts up something on the internet, it leaves itself open to any kind of comment. I look at it as when a musician or artist get reviewed. You’ll get people who love what you do and people who absolutely hate it. The “lovers” help build the confidence up and the “haters” help you think more about what you may be doing right or wrong and to improve on it. Then you also just learn how to weed out the useless comments made by reviewers and don’t even read pay attention to it.

Unless the poster of the video closes the comments section, he/she has to put up with varying comments whether they are pro-atheism or pro-christianity. Of course, if they get nasty and vulgar on either side of the coin, they should be reported. But the poster can use the negative comments to his/her advantage by helping himself/herself develop a more concrete and stronger belief system. It can cause people to think on either side.

I’m sometimes disappointed that some atheists don’t makes as good a case against Christianity as they might. The only thing that is annoying is that some of the comments are as witlessly unintelligent as that of Christian God-botherers - that both groups include Fundamentalists. Fundamentalist atheism brings intelligent atheism into disrepute :frowning:

OTOH, there some very amusing anti-Christian videos.

“Jack Chick’s Titanic” is parodied on this German site, in English:


The best bit from Condell is “The curse of faith.”

Sometimes, when I watch any video promoting Atheism and the comments, I have found a fair amount of Christians getting vulgar… it’s actually kind of disturbing…

I would take the atheists on youtube more seriously if they weren’t all disgusting, overweight, foolish, hambeasts.


:ehh:… None of them-- that I have seen-- are overweight. If anything, the ones that have mentioned (except for maybe Penn&Teller) are happy and healthy… and it shows. KingHeathen, as a matter of fact, has a very beautiful family. :slight_smile:

You have never seen TheAmazingAtheist have you?

When I watch these videos they can be disconcerting due to the fact that I have much more to learn about the Faith, especially from a philosophical perspective. So naturally I want to rebut these statements but I lack the understanding and ability to do so. I feel the atheistic arguments are hard to counter, but then again I am not very confident when it comes to attacking and countering ideas, and I again lack the understanding to do so. Same thing when atheists post negative com
ments on Christian videos.

Bashing religious faith bothers me, but the whole “think for yourself” thing is more bothersome. It seems to imply, even if it isn’t the speaker’s intent to do so, that those individuals who embrace religious faith are idiots incapable of rational thought and who should be pitied and perhaps looked down upon. Again, this might not be the speaker’s intent, but that is how that particular statement usually comes across for me.

Thanks for the honest input. That’s how I felt when I used to watch those videos… when I was a practicing Catholic. Some of the Atheist and Christian comments posted on the “opposing team” were both quite immature through my eyes, but there were a precious few who were as sincere as they could be in order to appeal to the other side. It’s actually quite obvious. But, of course, you never want to go onto an Atheist video and post, “GOD LOVES YOU!” because that’s just crossing the line.

As for your comments on “Think for Yourself,” I honestly think that’s a motivational insult-- a dare, to put it simply.

Yeah well the tricky thing is, when I’m being honest about my opinions of these people, the word “honest” seems synonymous with the terms, “blunt”, “frank”, and, most often, downright “demeaning”.

So with that said, I hope you won’t think badly of me when I say that a majority of atheists I encounter on YouTube are a bunch of whiny and arrogant jerks who possess nothing more but the same obnoxious zeal as the very fundamentalists they despise. Ladies and gents, I give you hypocrisy at its prime. :rolleyes:

I don’t care if you make a video about how epic you are as an atheist. That’s you’re right to free speech and that video is practically your territory anyways. What gets my blood boiling however is seeing a loudmouthed atheist coming over to innocent religious videos (innocent being that they don’t have the condescending air about them as the streetpreaching videos I’ve seen possess) and start “preaching”. I cannot count the many times I had to restrain myself from telling them to shut up and say, “Listen pal! Remember what your daddy George Carlin said? ‘Keep thy religion to thyself’? Guess what? THE SAME GOES FOR YOU!!! D8<”

I’ve seen enough comments from Atheist videos to tell you that Christians also preach to them. Insults are becoming less and less unusual from them.

With all this being said, has any of you ever tried so desperately to post a comment on an Atheist video, in near-false hopes of converting someone?

So what? I make it my job to clean out Evangelical fundies at any chance I get while still staying supportive of Christianity (along with religion and theism in general). The antics of theses atheists however, don’t exactly make it any easier.

I did. Once. I quickly realized how pointless it would be. You could come up with a winning argument (heck you could catch a miracle on video for all you could), there’s no convincing them given that they’re a majority population on YouTube that could just shout you over (and the fact that their heads need as much deflating as the fundies).

It’s funny. They feel the exact same way about you.

Ironically Yours. :heart:

Yeah well they need take the blindfold called their persecution complex off their eyes and see just how many of them the Blasphemy Challenge drew in. I mean look at how many ratings pro-Atheist videos get and compare them to anti-Atheist ones.

And for the record, if they really knew there was no convincing anyone then why can’t they put a leash on the people on their side of the fence who still insist of ‘preaching’? I pretty much vote for a permanent ceasefire between the two sides yet how many atheists do you think would share my sentiment? :rolleyes:

To answer your last question: Many, including Christopher Hitchens–no matter how “anti-theist” he is. I would like a ceasefire, but many on your side want to settle it the hard way.

As you didn’t say, Catholics:

need take the blindfold called their persecution complex off their eyes…And for the record, if they really knew there was no convincing anyone then why can’t they put a leash on the people on their side of the fence who still insist of ‘preaching’?

O rly?

Actual proof please. Quotes even, if possible. :rolleyes:

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