YouTube and our Catholic Faith

I am doing a presentation on "YouTube and Faith" and am looking for good examples of YouTube videos that promote our Catholic faith and its teaching. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

EWTN youtube

word search: Catholic youTube

This came up for me;

What are you specifically looking to find?

USCCB youTube


Try any of the youtube videos available at

God bless!
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Go Here:

My favorite YouTube Channel is that of St. Elias:

This is Eastern Catholicism of course. And the best example of it in North America.

:thumbsup:I like this one...


Thanks for the responses so far!

I am looking for various YouTube examples which will stimulate group discussion during the presentation.

I will be discussing how YouTube can help build/strengthen/evangelize our Catholic faith.

I would like to touch on the dangers of YouTube and how one could find any answer they are looking for on any given topic ... orthodox and non-orthodox ... how they need to verify the info they are getting against the actually teaching of the church.

I am looking to give them resources that they can use themselves to become educated and to evangelize.

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