Youtube apologists

I use a lot of my net-browsing time on Youtube, and quite often I’ll look up lay apologists and watch their videos to see if I can learn anything new or something different to what I’ve seen/heard in the what the pros do. The conundrum I face, however, is that I can spend hours looking for a decent video and I end up wasting a lot of time, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good Youtube [lay] apologist (preferably by user name).

Many thanks.

Father Robert Barron - guaranteed.

I never thought of searching for apologetics on youtube. Thanks for the idea. I tried doing a search for Karl Keating, and found that he appears there several times. I’m going to try watching these. He’s one of my favorite apologists. :wink:

Plenty of Scott Hahn too.

Tim Staples

Nice. Thanks for those. I was wondering, though, if you knew of or had come across any apologists maybe not of the calibre of those gentlemen. I’ve heard Staples, Keating, and Hahn speak before, and they’re all very good, but I think I’m looking for more of those “regular Joes”, you know? The three afore-mentioned are definitely what I’d consider “the pros”. I guess I’m after the kind of person that preaches from their study chair, infront of their webcam, sort of thing.

Thanks again.

This guy was my old teacher; he’s awesome! Though he doesn’t have much uploaded on Youtube yet. Also the sound quality on these videos is a bit less than spectacular. :o

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