YouTube Blocks Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood's Support for Race-Selective Abortion

By Jenna MurphySeptember 4, 2008 ( A YouTube video that revealed Planned Parenthood’s support for race-selective abortion was first audio-censored and has just recently been removed completely from Youtube for a supposed 'terms of use violation.'Lila Rose, president of…

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You Tube is also blocking from Life Action Films. One such block was on a film where they showed a Planned Parenthood commercial and then commented on it. They removed the commentary but kept up the commercial.

These films do not have any violence or explicit language. It is simply something You Tube does not want people to see–the truth about human life and how PP works.

Isn’t You Tube owned by Google? If so, they have no qualms censoring anything that offends the left. Just look at Marxist China.:mad:

Of course, we will have the usual “shoot the messenger” one saying LifeSiteNews is bias/slanting/lying about the issue. :rolleyes::cool:

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