YouTube Content Creation and Comments

I may create an active YouTube channel in the future. Would it be wise to disable comments to prevent people from swearing or blaspheming in the comment section? Or should I enable comments so I can see responses. Note that I have no plans of doing this professionally at all.

Depending on why you are doing it, you will want comments. I am sure you know YouTube well enough that commentors can be crass.

A lot of the answer to your question is what your objective is for the channel. For example, I watch some professional hunting channels; swearing simply isn’t part of that milieu.

On the other hand, I don’t watch channels that simply are a forum for someone’s personal opinion - like someone who wants to open to the public about a topic such as sports in which they do not participate - e.g. football and team discussion. I do watch some such as fishing and hunting which are not professionally produced, but focus on the sport itself and don’t wander off “into the weeds”. There is a bit of difference between “how to do something” and “what do you think about doing something”.

I don’t see crass or objectionable comments being made on a video of how to build a shed, or how to make compost. So ultimately it will depend on what your channel is about; the fact that you are considering no comments sound to me like you want to put out your personal opinion about something, and that is likely to invite individuals to express their opinion, and some will in ways you don’t want.

Well, not necessarily. My videos would most likely be video game related should I ever make them, which appeal to a younger demographic that tends to lean towards crass language being used. Not to mention such language is so common nowadays you can see it anywhere. You can be talking about compost and someone in the comments would probably say “Om*, what a great idea!” or something similar.

Not to mention YouTube comments are a pit of negativity that could very well turn videos about bees into a slap fight of angry words in the comments.

You can’t control other people’s behavior, and you’re certainly not culpable for what they post on YouTube. It’s not as though you require profanity or blasphemy as a prerequisite for posting to your channel.

Given your posting history, it seems you struggle with scrupulosity. You should be careful about posting these kinds of questions. It won’t help you.



Personally I find youtube comments hilarious for the most part. There is a bright side to creativity and, generally, through the voting system the best humored comments will tend to get the most votes, so standing out.

There’s also a plus to letting folks contribute freely if they want, because the reader is also free to disregard what he dislikes. (And should something get out-of-hand you can disable the comments or perhaps delete them.)

Sometimes I do get “offended” by some comments, but the right word is “repulsed” by vulgar language and profanity. You are not responsible for other’s actions for the most part, and I’ve learned to take a certain liberality with others sinning, because we all are, after all, sinners - it is their freedom.

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