Youtube, Copyright and Sin?

I love using youtube but when it comes to the copyright i find myself becoming a little scrupulous. I like to watch “reaction” videos. An example would be watching a conservative youtuber talking about the womens march protest but also using clips from other youtubers and news sources in the video to show what happened at the protest and to criticize it. Would this violate copyright and ultimately be sinful to watch? Another example of these videos would be when a new movie trailer comes out people make videos of themselves reacting to it and at the end giving their review. Since they are using he trailer footage does this infringe copyright? If so then why doesn’t Youtube take them down? And before most of these videos they say it is under fair use because they are not uploading a full tv show or movie but only using clips from other youtubers and news broadcasts. Are these people infringing copyright? And if so is it sinful to watch such videos? Thanks!

Fair use does in fact apply when the uploader attaches their own commentary to whatever clip they’re using. Reaction videos are perfectly legal, and you’re fine to watch them.

Thank you for the response!:slight_smile:

Anytime :thumbsup:

Glad people don’t have real bad sins to worry about…they can manufacture some to tell the priest in Confession. :rolleyes:

There’s nothing wrong with reaction videos, except for the ones where they barely talk and basically just upload it to let people watch it for free. I personally prefer when they edit out the useless parts of the video, only keeping the parts with really good commentary. But that’s just me :smiley:

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