Youtube Deletes Candace Owens' Podcast " Men are Not Women and Woman Are Not Men" Video

That was a good explanation but didn’t cover what I was looking for. But I found what I was looking for so I can give youtube a rest forever.

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That was funny :joy:!!! And yes, I know who John Cleese is; I loved watching him in The Wizard of Oz.

Wait a few more seconds. NOW!!!

HA, he never was in The Wizard of Oz.

Sorry, I couldn’t contain my shock. Everybody knows who John Cleese is. Again, I’m sorry for acting like a jerk but you sounded so serious in your post to me. Looks like I lost the respect of another person I admired on this forum.

My respect for someone is not going to be based on them not knowing who John Cleese is believe me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: At least if you make me a nice spam sandwich.

I tend to agree with John and also view this as tempest in a teapot stuff.

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His Channel was taken off of Youtube. He is gone from both Facebook and Twitter. There may be quotes or a story here and there but he is gone.

In the past few days, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify booted from their platforms podcasts, pages, and channels that belong to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars website — one of the biggest purges of popular content by internet giants in recent memory.

Facebook on Thursday announced that it is removing accounts for Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, InfoWars, Paul Nehlen, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer from both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook had originally pulled some content from Alex Jones, including four pages, in August.

Some are temporary suspensions but other are not and it is not just celebrities that we are talking about, . It is regular people.

That’s one site. That is not all sites. You earlier said he was banned from all sites. But he still has a presence on the Internet, posting his own content.

That was not in response to “some” or “others,” It was in response to a statement on a specific statement on Kayleigh McEnany. You stated earlier:

She still has a Twitter account. She decided to delete the offending tweet, and she resumed tweeting, according to the times of her own choosing. If these conditions are sufficient for the use of the term “banned” then it weakens future claims that someone was banned.

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Where is his presence. He is off Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Yes, she does but so many conservatives have gotten banned if only temporarily for simply a comment.

To show that he has not been banned from all sites, it is sufficient to show a single site in which he has a presence. You can find the content of Alex Jones on his on-site, Infowars, through which he publishes text, audio, and video content. This includes his podcasts. You can also find him posting fearful content about the election over on Parler.

Thus, she has not been “banned.”

Suspensions happen to a lot of people, irrespective of them being conservative or of some other leaning. It even happens here on CAF. That’s common to any site that has moderation practices.

He has been banned permanently from the three big ones. Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you for this statement with more precise wording. “Three” is much more definite than the original claim of “totally banned from all sites.”

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