YouTube discriminates

A few day ago YouTube posted two videos which show how the schools in MA and NY teach homosexually to small children.

These were excellent videos and within a day they were pulled. They said copyright and I could understand that one video but not two. Then they replaced them with two badly made homosexual tolerant videos named the same. I just listened to the last one and it was “F” words every other minute. This is really bad.

Name -Brainwashing children part II

If anyone would like to see the original two please email as I made a copy of both originals and will try to send when I get a chance.

The original video was a tape of the actual classrooms reading books and discussing gay lifestyle in elementary schools. I am sure the orginals was put on by Christians to draw attention to what is taught in the lower grades. They lasted about one day on YouTube.

This is one of two that they replaced it with…alot of “f” words.

I did copy the originals so if you want to see them please contact me through Catholic Answers and I’ll send them.

Others also copied the originals. Originals…

Here are two vulgar replacements…:frowning:

Here is the original thread on the forum posted by member - Pro Life News…

Just thought I run it through again. Thanks.

Probably because those schools dont actually teach homosexuality to small children

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