YouTube favorites? Here's my latest

This dude runs the supposed scan of Obama’s long form birth certificate through a graphics program showing it is a digital fake with layers, not a scan of a paper document which should have only one layer.

Got any remarkable YouTube favorites? Classics? Top Ten?

More fuel for the birther conspiracy, eh? :wink:

I found this one over Lent which I thought was quite amusing:

Google Exodus

It’s the story of the Exodus through the lens of modern social communications. I had to keep rewinding and pausing it so I could read all the background stuff as it was all quite funny. :slight_smile:

That’s an instant classic! 10 for production value and content. Thanks for sharing. OK, here’s my uber-nerd fav: water cavitation producing steam.

Oh goodness!! that story of Exodus told through modern communication was amazing!!! I was laughing so much that I started crying!!! I loved that one!! Especially the street view of the Red Sea!!

This is a recent favorite of mine that I just discovered today: Huge Christian Bale fan here, so I just wanted to add this amazing fan made trailer!!!


Simon’s Cat in “Hop it”! I love this guys videos they’re just so cute.

The best of his series though has to be Simon’s Cat in “Cat Man Do”.

Another user, MarcoPolo, made this video and posted it on the “Back Fence” forum a while back. It’s called “The Monster: The Catholic Ending” and it is made of win.

I really like this video:

It can be sad or happy depending on how you look at it. The animation is very cute though.

Anyone who is in their early to mid 20s and doesn’t instantly love this video had no childhood:

Obama 2012, projected to wage a billion-dollar campaign, now sponsors this link of the guy showing digital layers in a supposedly scanned document. Gotta give the president his due…

The Cleveland tourism videos. (I’m a Clevelander, so I found them especially funny)

(warning: there’s one swear word in the first video at .26, in a rhetorical question about the osolescence of payphones)

The second one’s better, imo.

My brother sent me a few gems to cheer me up the day I left my job. I was smiling for hours. - The humor in this is really random and the language is not squeaky clean but “I feel great!” and “babies everywhere!” have kinda become catchphrases among my siblings and I. - This one is particularly sappy and heartwarming…it’s long though (16 minutes).

I have yet to find a movie fan that didn’t like these trailers.

I just discovered this & already posted it in Apologetics but it’s really great:

Best conspiracy ever. Paul & Peter found Christianity by making up a story about how Jesus rose from the dead.

How to be really bad at interpreting the Bible:

Here is well made one about the Federal Reserve Bank in line with earlier teachings of the Church on money lending. A lot there about greed in our modern society too, both individual and corporate:

The Rolling Stones, 1964 Rice Krispies television commercial. Really!

“Neither borrower, nor lender be”

At it’s core, it’s the ancient sin of usury, which is the sin of making money through charging interest, in other words, charging more money for a loan to someone than what the value of the service was originally worth… It’s a sin because it is making money essentially from nothing and a form of socially acceptable extortion. It is charging someone for the inconvenience of having to wait for them to pay you.

The irony is, it often ends up in the loaner themselves ending in financial trouble, because they have loaned irresponsibly to someone who they already knew could not pay for the service upfront. They are relying on the Loanee to actually have a job, no other debts, when they already could not pay for the object loaned in the first place even at it’s original price.

This is why it’s illogical and sinful, because they usually end up falling for the trap of believing giving out another loan is going to solve their own problems. This is most often the reason why major economic disasters like stock market crashes are cyclical and inevitable… When things are going good, give out plenty of loans in the hope of making more money… when things are bad, give out more loans in an attempt to recoup other losses. For someone in the business of Banking they have to learn how to loan responsibly to people they know will certainly be able to repay back, even though it is probably a Herculean challenge. i don’t believe in interest, but even such loans can be given responsibly as well. I think interest loaning should be abolished.

I say ‘ancient’ because it’s a sin that has taken such a root in society that it’s now part of “normal economic practice”.

P.S JFK was a practicing catholic by the way, even though he probably did have mistresses and mob connections.

Youtube favorites?

You guys need some Maru.

And some more Maru.

And just a little more for good measure…

OMG, Maru is one tubby kitty. I wonder if the “Diet 77” is for her? :o

“The American Dream” YouTube animation RE: banking scams & scoundrels, is great for explaining the system and the consequences–Kennedy’s assassination; the attempt on Jackson; Lincoln; Garfield–all opposed a central bank. The “Red Shield” is of course the House of Rothschild. But this begs the question: why can’t “we the people” organize our own banking system? Parishes once had credit unions, a more relaxed alternative to banks. The real enemy is learned helplessness. A computer program to run the books for a credit union is a turnkey operation. Plug 'n play. For that matter, why is any Catholic buying their food at retail? We must organize cost+% food banks. The true obscenity is paying retail for food that is donated to charity. The same situation exists here as with banks: a virtual monopoly on food brokerage, with a handful of mega-corporations controlling all the food.

Bloomberg News, by New York’s financier-mayor shows a revulsion with all things Tea Party. This stems from the populist movement to audit the Federal Reserve Bank, the private bank whose member banks are and have been a cipher, unknown. So here’s a good place to invoke the charism of the Virgin Mary, prophesied to be pierced with a sword of sorrow that the thoughts of all may be revealed. Immaculate Heart, reveal all that is hidden but first and foremost, give us all an appetite for truth and the will to do God’s will in hungering and thirsting for justice. Thanks, BTW, for this little gem of an animation.

Parkour / FreeRunning is the skill of today’s urban ninja.

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