YOUTUBE: Funny Lent Video

I'm really proud of this video. If you like it, please help pass it on and promote it. It has gone viral only within a short time frame, and it is a tremendously funny resource to help other Catholics live Lent this year.


Haha very nice :D

Very cool and funny. Is there a way to save this so that I can have it next year as well? I think this is going to be a Lenten tradition. Maybe you plan to come out with a new video every year.

One more thing…I’ll admit ignorance now…what’s the deal with “take a break on the Feast of St. Joseph”.

That was pretty funny. Good job, Nick! I am passing this around to family & friends.:)


If you haven't watched it yet, enjoy!
Be sure to share this on your website, your blogs, etc!!

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