Youtube now allows violent anti-Christian videos

In the latest interesting news, one that you may not hear on the media since it “only” involves Christian persecution (and Christians are called to endure persecution and to return a blessing for a curse), Youtube now allows explicitly violent anti-Christian videos to be posted, and also allows support of violence against Christians to be expressed.

This is what happened: I located a user who was posting videos of himself burning the Bible. Some other users expressed praise and support of this behavior. I proceeded to report him according to what used to be the standard safety and abuse guidelines…

The results? Didn’t have to wait a long time. A few days letter I received a series of emails from Youtube called “Action Taken”. What action did they take? See for yourself.

At this point I consider myself fortunate: since apparently these (and other similar videos I reported, which I didn’t mention here for brevity) are not in violation of the community guidelines for safety and abuse (apparently they do not “promote hatred based on factors including religion”), my own account could have potentially been blocked for abusing the reporting tool!!

So there you have it.

I don’t see anyone supporting or endorsing violence against Christians. Furthermore, burning a bible is not “anti Christian persecution”. You are not being persecuted when someone disrespects your holy book. Non Christians can’t be expected to revere it and it seems like the poster in question is making the political and social statement that they refuse to.

Once again, not persecution. If this is what passes as persecution these days you have it great. Take a look at what’s going on in other parts of the world.

Promoting vandalism is a first step in persecuting someone for their religious views. One makes a video of himself burning a bible, and a video of vandalism of churches by some other like-minded individuals. It’s a ripple effect. Others post: continue the good job. Tomorrow maybe someone else, inspired, takes the next step and vandalize a church (see recent examples here and here). Maybe they go as far as to burn it. It has happened before.

Of course, we are in America, a civilized country. Take it now to places where respect of life and of human dignity is much lower, and you will indeed find the same behavior applied to other than statues and bibles.

To burn and vandalize is not to show that you don’t revere something. It is do do damage to something in order to hurt someone. Get your facts straight. Like I said, I reported many other videos - videos who did not burn a bible, but speak clearly and openly against Christians, and not in the nicest ways. I also received comments from other users about how “soon all idiot Christians like me would be gone”.

Someday you may have to take professional workplace courses to to identify and address concerning behaviors that may need further assessment or response. Then maybe you will understand why I am concerned about these videos.

Where they burn books, at the end they also burn people - Heine.

When a qur’an gets burned there is immediate strong condemnation that comes from the highest offices of government. But when a Holy Bible gets burned they say that it is freedom of expression.

Shame on those that inflict negativity in the world. Can you imagine a world without all the hate, greed, negativity and abuses? We can have that though it is up to us to do the right thing:extrahappy::extrahappy::extrahappy::hug3::grouphug::blessyou:

They only jump on stuff when it gets press coverage. Thousands of qurans have been burnt on YouTube without being criticized, but somehow that one pastor made headline news for doing it, and then the president declares how evil that is. I’m very confidant that if the Bible burning video got negative press coverage, we’d see politicians condemning it, but it’s unlikely to get negative press coverage because the media doesn’t care if Christianity gets disrespected, only Islam.

That’s because there aren’t 10,000 Christians on the streets in every city screaming and threatening to behead the infidels - and ready and willing to do it.

I hate to say this, but I believe Youtube’s policies regarding objectionable videos are very hypocritical. The site at one time removed the explicit video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and yet they can’t remove videos that have people vandalizing churches and burning books. And, and that’s a big AND, they don’t seem to care about the disrespectful comments, because it’s “Freedom of Speech”.

Let me share with you a story regarding respecting others. When Father Mitch Pacwa, the EWTN Priest, was in eighth grade, he had a fellow student who was known as the biggest trouble maker in 8th grade. And when the class went to mass one time, and when that delinquent student went to receive holy communion, some of the students whispered to each other " Did you see him receive communion?" Then, the religious sister, who was teaching the class slammed her hand on the Table and shouted, “HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE THIS PERSON!! For a person who has greater difficulty in living virtuous still had the humility to receive the body and blood of Christ!! Can you imagine what would happen if he didn’t receive Communion? I tell you this, HIS SOUL WOULD BE EVEN NASTIER!!!”

So, overall, stuff like the OP pointed out should not be tolerated, and actions like that should be called out, even if it is on social media. People need to learn how to be respectful of others, regardless of their background. This goes for non religious people and religious people Sadly, the example that I have mentioned isn’t being propagated toward the youth of today as much as it should, especially from social networks.

Agreed, there is always the tendency (especially when young) to play ‘gotcha’ or to sneer at other people base on characteristics such as race, religion, perceived ‘coolness’ etc. and we all do it. However the anonymity of some social media combined with the ‘bitesize’ comments and lack of room to explore complex thoughts common to many of them seem to have encourage it even more in recent years.

So should YouTube also remove all of the videos that speak harshly and negatively of Jews, atheists, pagans, Muslims, etc? What about gays, blacks, Latinos, poor people, and fat people? I would be more inclined to believe that this was some sort of discrimination if the site didn’t allow just as offensive things about those groups, but they do. Yet, you don’t see me screaming persecution just because YouTube allows an idiot with a webcam to talk about how atheists shouldn’t be allowed to hold jobs or have kids, and that he can’t wait for us to die and be tortured for all eternity. The things that are said about blacks, Muslims and gays are pretty disturbing too.

Let’s make this clear. A website allowing the free posting of constitutionally protected speech is not persecution.


Funny, because a quick search reveals a lot of videos of Quran burnings. In one video a man colors in it first.

Why not just avoid videos you find offensive? I don’t blame YouTube for not going over each and every video to censor it in case it might be offensive to someone.

I’m not defending the Bible burning, but what does this have to do with “persecuting Christians” (People)?
It is some insane person burning a book, it isn’t an original book in an age of no copying machines, it’s just one copy out of millions.

Interesting that only non-Christians are showing up to defend this outrage. Guys, it’s spelled out very clearly: content that promotes hatred is not allowed on Youtube. Whether it is against Christians, Muslim, Atheists, homosexuals, people who weigh above the average, people who are destitute, et cetera.

Your “defense” is rooted on a very poor understanding of the so-called Freedom of Speech, which some (too many) believe it means I can say whatever I want and you ought to suck it up, when in fact it means that in a civilized country I cannot be forbidden from and persecuted because I uphold a given idea. An example: freedom of speech does not allow me to create a Neonazi Party and run for President, but it does make provisions for Martin Luther King to speak for the equality of all men without being arrested by the police.

Christian persecution (for those who don’t know much about it since they are not subject to it) begins with psychological pressure and discrimination, continues with vandalism, and culminates in dead threats which lead to 100,000 Christians murdered every year. We cannot stop this from happening, but we can enforce the policies stating that I cannot post a video promoting hatred. That is not a constitutional provision, or a tenet of civilization. It is however a tenet of Hobbs’ state of nature: in the jungle anyone can scream as loud as he wants, the ultimate barbaric freedom of speech.

Actually, you’re wrong. Very wrong. The constitution does allow you to create a neonazi party and run for president.

You seem to think that persecution is the worst when it’s geared towards Christians, and that’s sad. Furthermore you seem to think that disrespect is the same as persecution, and its not. Not even close. I can burn a bible and bash Christians, but it’s disrespectful. I cannot deny Christians their basic human rights and equality, because that’s persecution.

But providing an open forum for ideas does not equal persecution, especially since that forum gives Christians equal opportunity to respond. If YouTube wants a policy that is more strict than what is allowed by law, they are free to do so. But google would gain nothing by doing so.

your putting words in his mouth, cause you seem to think persecution is best when its geared towards Christians and that’s pretty funny

Furthermore you seem to think that disrespect is the same as persecution, and its not. Not even close. I can burn a bible and bash Christians, but it’s disrespectful. I cannot deny Christians their basic human rights and equality, because that’s persecution.

I love how you only point to the Bible burning to prove your point, cause it falls flat when the vandalism is involved. that is discriminatory

But providing an open forum for ideas.

Ideas like burning the Bible, there is no proper exchange or discussing for such an idea. the only reason this exist is to insult other beliefs and they may have the right to do it, but i have the right to criticize them for doing it and you for defending something absolutely wrong. honestly, you really want atheism to be represented by the likes of these punks.

Actually I pointed to a lot of things including Qur’an burning and and hateful videos towards many groups. I don’t approve of any of these, but I don’t think that their mere presence on YouTube qualifies as persecution towards anyone.

I don’t think that ‘atheism’ is represented by these people anymore than Christianity is represented by the hateful videos towards gays and Muslims. And even if it was, who cares? I don’t view my lack of belief in god as some “movement” that I’m a part of.

so let me get this straight, the OP showed someone burning a Bible AND committing and promoting vandalism. then you try to say “well the big bad christians burnt Qur’ans before, freedumb of expression.” i just cant see how you could argue against any punishment just because burning a Bible is not bad enough; the dude vandalized a church, that is a crime. you ever hear the expression “arson, murder, and jay walking”, well your saying this guy should be off the hook* cause jay walking is not really a bad enough crime*

I don’t think that ‘atheism’ is represented by these people anymore than Christianity is represented by the hateful videos towards gays and Muslims.

oh, you ilk on Reddit would have me think differently.

And even if it was, who cares? I don’t view my lack of belief in god as some “movement” that I’m a part of.

and yet, your here.

seriously, an atheist does a bad thing and you somehow have to turn it around and blame us

I don’t think YouTube is anti-anything or anti-Christian.

YouTube is all about money.

The primary goal of YouTube is to hit the point where they can charge users a monthly subscription fee using automatic billing to your credit card.

The best defence is a good offense :wink:

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