Youtube pulls prolife video without any explanation The Vatican reports that a prolife organization placed this video on youtube and it got yanked.YouTube has pulled a video from their site that unmasks a supposedly unbiased film project as a pro-abortion initiative, and has yet to give any reason as to why it was removed.

The video-sharing site pulled “The Decency Gap/Eve Reinhardt,” which shows a meeting that took place in Lima several weeks ago between Carlos Polo, director for Latin America of the pro-life Population Research Institute, and independent filmmaker Eve Reinhardt, the Catholic News Agency reported today.
Don’t get it.:confused:

It has been restored.

The popular video sharing web site YouTube has restore a pro-life video exposing a pro-abortion documentary after a wave of complaints from pro-life advocates. The web site restored both the Spanish and English versions of the video after removing it on what pro-life advocates say was false grounds.

You can watch it:

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