YouTube video "Being A PlayStation Gamer In Chicago Is Gonna Get More Expensive"



What does being a Catholic city have anything to do it?


Well, then, you know an unusual group of Catholics.


You clearly don’t know many Catholics.


You’ve clearly never ventured into the Casual forum of CAF at least :wink:

@Maxirad, could you summarise the video for us?


It’s hard to tell without any examples.


punish fun at 9%.


I think it’s more an unusually strong case of confirmation bias.


According to this, less than 40% are Catholic. Since 60% are religious, that means the largest group are the non-religious.


I never seen anything that struck me as such.


This board also has a lot of trolls and those who are seeking advice. That skews things heavily.

According to this study, Catholics have the lowest rate of depression at 2.4%. Ranking from highest to lowest, it would be:

  1. Conservative Protestant (59%)
  2. Mainline Protestant (27%)
  3. Non-religious (4.4%)
  4. Pentecostal (4.2%)
  5. Other (2.6%)
  6. Catholic (2.4%)


59% are depressed!?


Strange, you’d think people so sure they are saved would be less depressed.


Yeah, I was a bit shocked. It’ll be interesting to see a breakdown of conservative and mainline Protestants, similar to how they removed Pentecostals from Protestants.


The video concerns Chicago’s “amusement tax.”


How is this a “social justice” issue?


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