Youtube videos

My dad wants me to download science videos off youtube so he can show his students. Is this illegal, Im just wondering since I don’t want to steal someone else’s videos

Depends. If it is copyright material, then downloading it would be illegal without permission. If it’s a specific “channel” and someone is posting their own science stuff, then just ask them for permission. If you mean, say, downloading Discovery or BBC or PBS science shows then yeah that is illegal and thus sinful.

It is highly unlikely that you would be violating copyright law since your use is for educational purposes and not profit. Furthermore, most of what you find on YouTube is not copyright protected, although there are exceptions which are eventually removed when found. Some of the copyrighted material on YouTube is there with permission and is available under fair use. This is usually the case with educational clips.

You might want to read up on fair use. Here’s a government link for a quick and dirty understanding:

Furthermore, some posters (like intend for their vids to be downloaded and used for educational purposes.

Would it be sinful to download a movie from torrent and watch it on my computer?

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