I have noticed while searching around on youtube that there are alot of videos and tv shows,that seem to be illegally uploaded. I also noticed that people dont post liscenses if they have them so there is no way to tell whether of not you are contributing to slolen content.

Basically as far as watching shows on you tube I think its a good idea to stay away from the site for wtching tv.

I follow the natural law.
Positive law sometimes conflicts with natural law.
We are not obliged to follow immoral positive law.

Furthermore, mortal sin requires full knowledge and full consent and grave matter. Are you sure YouTube videos fulfil all three? I don’t think they do.

These videos are put on YouTube so people can watch them. It is not immoral to view them unless the content is inherently immoral.

No legal expert, but I believe the problem is more if you make money from the movie/video than just watch it, many are provided for education, etc (I use the PBS videos a lot, but they have educational use disclaimers…) if it is a new release, yes pay to view it. But youtube does offer a lot of ‘sin free’ videos…it’s a don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater sort of case.

And youtube seems to do a pretty good job of removing copyright infringement vids…

Fight the scruples!!!




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