**We had a blizzard move in the morning and it is COLD! Normally we can have some pretty harsh weather here between November and April but we have been spoiled this winter so far. But I just took the dog out to the bathroom and it is frigid…I checked the temp and it is -22C which feels like -36 with the wind chill! For my southern friends that translates into -32.8F




Oh my GOSH!..

At that point you start considering “potty training” for the dog…
They can use toilets, right!?!

I have a hard time going out to get the newspaper on those rare mornings when it actually dips below freezing…
I’m a Floridian wimp!



Something told me a Floridian would be the first to chime in:p… thanks for not rubbing my nose in it, lol. My one and only vacation (our honeymoon) was to Florida. I’ll never forget the heat and humidity we experienced when leaving the airport. It was like we walked right into a solid wall of sticky hot air. Now, I don’t like temperature extremes either way but that wall of heat is looking mighty good next to this wall of frigid blowing snow, lol.



LOL… don’t ya wish there was a nice moderate temperature in-between!?! :rolleyes:

(Let’s meet up in Tennessee or something! LOL! :smiley: )


We have grabbed our sweaters here as well, EM–We had the heat on this morning…I have officially turned into a wimp.:blush: This time last year, we were sitting freezing our keisters off in Pittsburgh!

I do miss some of that freezing weather though…great time to make everyone in the family a delish cup of hot chocolate, and curl up watching silly movies all weekend…Stay warm, Malia–spring will be here soon before we know it!:slight_smile:


I live in Alberta too - not nice cold we have right now! I was coming home this morning from a weekend in Banff and I couldn’t see a few feet in front of me. We had to reduce our speed by half of the legal limit for safety. I am not looking forward to walking to work tomorrow… -28 C. Yikes. I wish they would shut down businesses but that just doesn’t happen here.


Well, it may not be snowing here, but it is raining and yucky…with no let up in sight. At least snow is pretty. My backyard is looking pretty soggy and depressing right now.


You all could meet up with me here in New Mexico - although we do get cold too, just not as cold as Malia is experiencing and last year we had an honest to goodness blizzard but it was warm enough for that nasty black ice to form on the roads!

Now, I used to live in North Dakota and if they closed business down every time it snowed or got cold the entire State would have to shut down for the Winter (starting in October and ending in April ;)).

Brenda V. who is sitting here looking out her window at a cloudy sky in the hopes that we will at least get some moisture out of it!


State wide (or province wide) hibernation! Sounds like a good plan, lol:thumbsup:


Thank heaven it’s NOT snowing here. Unfortunately the wind is blowing. Has been all day long but has picked up with extraordinary gusto tonight. Currently it is blowing at 43 MPH sustained and 57 MPH gusts! It’s not suppose to let up until tomorrow and it may snow tomorrow. We just got past more than a week of daily snow with no melting, so we have a lot of snow still on the ground and this wind is moving the snow all over the place creating new drifts for our road crews to clean up again.

I’m afraid of what I’ll find outside in the morning! Will I have siding off the house? Will there be roof damage? How much of my neighbors garbage will be in my back yard?



I’ll take the cold and snow down here. I think its because I live so near Al Gore’s old house that we never get snow anymore down here. :frowning:

I guess middle TN is cursed now.

I must say that I did get a low of 258.71 degrees Kelvin(-14.44Celsius). Which is very cold. Too bad no snow.


Oh my, and I thought my mere subzero was cold. :smiley:


I live in the lovely state of North Dakota - you are right!!! We are actually supposed to get to 38 degrees above today, but it’s supposed to be below zero the rest of the week. I wish I could say I was used to it… .:slight_smile:


Does anyone know what a Block Heater is or what it is like to plug your car in?? haha. I had to do that and my car STILL barely would start and it is a new car! Yikes!!! It is -33C. Eeeeeek.


You need an auto start… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: We’ve had sub zero weather (-30’s with the wind chill) last week and it’s supposed to start again later this week. Mycar sits out at work and has thankfully been starting (No block heater and no auto start, newer battery, though which helps.)


I’m in WA state and saturday we got freezing rain all day and then sunday we had almost a foot of snow fall!!! We haven’t seen this much snow in a good 10 years. We get your occasional snow fall but not like this. Most all the schools closed. So we are sticking close to home as they have closed a few of the highways and accidents are reported EVERYWHERE!!!


Good idea! Should have asked for one for Christmas!


I lived in ND for 6 years, met my husband at UND and I will admit that I never got used to the cold! I never warmed up in the winters except when I would take an extremely hot bath and then I would stay warm for a little bit after - I used to do my homework while sitting in the hot water! My parents are still in GF and my husband’s family are in or around Grafton.

Block heaters? Boy do I remember those things, you didn’t plug your car in you had a great chance of it not starting in the morning! I don’t think I ever saw a car without that tell-tale plug sticking out if it’s front end, they always looked like they had a toothache and were getting work done by the dentist to me. I also remember that all the motels had plugs outside the rooms for you to plug your block heater into.

I will complain about the cold here in NM but I do so with the knowledge that there is a good chance that it will only last a month or so, not four or six months!

Brenda V.


Freezing rain is my winter nightmare, so I probably wouldn’t do well where that is common. I can deal with the cold by adding a scarf, hat, mittens (anyone remember the little boy in A Christmas Story?)… My favorite way is to stay indoors with a nice book.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


**Ok, today is WORSE:eek:… no more blizzard and the sun is shining. Everything looks so pretty!!! Deceptively so…

It is -31C right now with a wind chill of -46!!!

In F that’s -24 and -51 !!!


I sure hope all of the homeless people are in shelters :frowning:


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