Yugioh card game - demonic?

Ave Maria!

I’m a VERY infrequent poster on this forum but I have a few things I wanted to get some opinions on. I have a friend that I’ve known for 7-8 years, and over the years we’ve been friends and shared things in common such as video games. Over the last 2 years, I’ve grown in my spiritual life to where I’ve embraced my spiritual life as a blessing, not a burden. As a result, I’ve changed a lot from where I used to be. One of the things my friend and I used to play was the Yugioh card game. I played it frequently in 2008, but very infrequently from 2009 to most recently. I had another friend tell me that the game is demonic but I never really believed him or took him seriously until about a week and a half ago when I last played. There’s cards in there that contain any of the following words: Red Dragon, hex, spell, curse, charm, or demon, plus the pictures on some of the cards are very suggestive when it comes to monsters/demons. I looked up in Scripture to back this up and I found Deuteronomy 8:10-11, plus the book of Revelation mentions the Red Dragon during the apocalypse.

My take on the game is that it not only is demonic based on my above description, but it also promotes greed. Many people, myself included, have attempted to take advantage of young children who have rare/high-valued cards because they have very little, if any, knowledge about the price of the cards. Plus, at higher-scale tournaments, people get their cards stolen, which not only violates one of the 10 Commandments, but also promotes one of the seven capital sins in greed.

I appreciate any thoughts/comments/violent reactions on this subject. I respect whatever your opinion may be, and I thank you all in advance for taking time to read and respond to this post.


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Because it is a game, it is morally neutral… Unless, of course, you are actually using it for cult purposes. If it causes you to sin or become uncharitable, then do not play it.

No, Yu-Gi-Oh is not demonic. I have seen this card game played by my friends ever since I was a child. Whilst I have not played the game myself, I have never seen anything unusual happen with it or the people playing it. It is just a card game.

What is more likely to be happening is that you are approaching such a high level in your spirituality that you are starting to forego the “things of the world”. There were a few saints this happened to. One saint, for instance, had a vision that Satan would enter the households of millions through a “black box” (some believe the black box was a television). Now, the television is not objectively demonic, but based from her own reference point it was. There were also other saints who detested makeup. Again, makeup is not objectively demonic.

If you find it’s hurting your relationship with God, then remove it. But then, that goes the same with a lot of things…money, certain friends, books, video games, etc.

Fantasy Magic =/= Real Magic(k)

I always ready that trusty little formula and hopefully it’ll come to serve you. Now, just because you see these words in a game, doesn’t mean they’re the same thing as what Christianity condemns. For instance, what we players call casting a spell is simply putting down a green card and following its instructions. Another example would be Ritual Monster/Spell Cards. All you’re doing is putting down one green card and tossing out some cards (be it on the field or in your hand) into a discard pile (labeled the “Graveyard”) after which you put down a blue-colored card. Now, does that sound like a Satanic ritual to you? No.

As for dragons, they’re actually my favorite monster type. My most favorite would have to be the Red-Eyes Black Dragon series. I also liked getting to use the Red Dragon Archfiend on my Tag Force game. Despite that though, I’m no Satanist.

Such a thing is not exclusive to Yu-Gi-Oh!. So long as there’s competition and monetary value involved, you will always have obnoxious players trying to scam newbies. That’s why we need ethics and if there’s any time you oughta show yourself as a good, charitable Christian, this would be a big one.

I would really like to hear from a priest or exorcist on this subject (Yugioh). I came to Catholic Answers because I want a true, “CATHOLIC ANSWER”. Does anyone know of a response from a priest and/or catholic exorcist who has weighed in on Yugioh? I know that sometimes Catholic Answers does have an Exorcist on their radio show. If anyone can provide me with where I can find out more info about Yugioh from the perspective of the church and a good priest (an exorcist would be perfect to weigh in here) then I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!

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I highly doubt that Yugioh is a subject with which real Catholic exorcists are familiar.

That said, if you are set on getting an answer from one, the quickest way to get ahold of an exorcist is to call your diocesan administrative offices and ask for contact info for the diocesan exorcist.

You can try the “Ask an Apologist” section of the forums, but not all questions there get answered, and if your question is answered, chances are it’ll be answered by an apologist, not an exorcist.

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