Yup. Palin officially lost me with this.

I’ll be honest, I used to admire Sarah Palin. I never understood the hatred towards her. She seemed like a strong, intelligent woman that the media decided to target because she was prolife. I liked her.

I did strongly disagree with her remarks on torture at the NRA rally. Still, I was willing to give her a chance, maybe if she saw all the backlash coming from fellow conservatives, she might at least apologize for any offense she gave Christians who take baptism seriously.

Unfortunately, this was her response to critics that I saw today on her Facebook page. Quite frankly, it disillusioned me of her:

[quote=Sarah Palin] Actions to stop terrorists who’d utterly annihilate America and delight in massacring our innocent children? Darn right I’d do whatever it takes to foil their murderous jihadist plots – including waterboarding. Whatever one thinks of my one-liner at the NRA rally about treating evil terrorists the way they deserve to be treated to prevent the death of innocent people, it’s utterly absurd for MSNBC to suggest that I could put our beloved troops in harm’s way, but we’ve come to expect the absurd from that failing network. If you want to talk about what really harms our troops, let’s talk about politicians who gut our military’s budgets, or a president whose skewed budgetary priorities slash military benefits, or an administration that puts our vets on endless waiting lists for care that comes too late to help those who’ve paid the price for our freedom, or those who break bread with those who think it makes no difference how our military heroes died in Benghazi or anywhere else trying to protect America. Those actions are a heck of a lot more harmful than declaring an appropriate message our enemies should receive. ** If some overly sensitive wusses took offense, remember the First Amendment doesn’t give you a right not to be offended.** Perhaps hypocritical folks who only want Freedom of Speech to apply to those who agree with their liberal agenda might want to consider that the evil terrorists who were the brunt of my one-liner would be the first to strip away ALL our rights if given the chance. That’s why we do whatever we can to prevent them from killing innocent people. And for that, we should NEVER apologize. Good Lord, critics… buck up or stay in the truck. And if you love freedom, thank our troops! Thank our vets! And thank those who have the brains to support them and the guts to defend what they have earned!

So instead of listening to her critics and asking, “maybe they have a point? I should at least ease their concern” we got the usual response I’ve come to expect from politicians: Discrediting opponents, deflecting the issue, mocking critics, oh and a good ol’ pro America, pro-troop rant at the end. sigh I don’t know why, but I naively expected something more, something that actuallly addressed our concerns. But fine.

**Beginning a very out of character political rant, because yeah, I’m a wuss and I’m offended **

FYI Madame, it’s not just the left-wing media disagreeing with you anymore, it’s fellow conservatives! You went too far. And if you’re going to just dismiss our concerns by calling us “overly sensitive wusses.” and hypocritical folk then forget it. I can’t defend you on this one. The hypocritical one is you. Saying you’re pro-life and a devout Christian and then at the same time celebrating torturing human beings…is wrong.

I don’t know if there’s any other way to extract information from terrorists. I’m not personally convinced torture even works. Why we seem to think that people who are so committed to their cause and hatred of America that they are willing to die would reveal anything useful to us at all, just to get out of a little pain, never made sense to me. :shrug:

But regardless, even if torture was perfectly reliable, and our only option, we cannot as Christians *cheer for it and defend it, * which is why I objected to your NRA remark. It’s evil to talk like this, especially if we call ourselves pro-life. It’s not enough to be against abortion, we have to value ALL lives, even our enemies.

And for the record, I * DO * want to defend what our soldiers have earned with their ultimate sacrifice. Which is exactly why I’m opposed to torture. If we stoop to torturing and dehumanizing our enemies, we become exactly what they are and we’ve lost! And our troops, that you claim to love so much, have died in vain.

Oh, and calling me a hypocrite and overly sensitive because you blasphemed a sacrament of my Church is not cool, lady. Not cool.

I’m sorry Mrs. Palin, but you lost me on this one, and possibly on everything in the future. I can’t take you seriously anymore with the response you just gave to critics.

**end of rant **

Sarah Palin:thumbsup:

Pax Christi!

I’m pro-life and I’ve never been impressed with her.

Happy St. Pius’ feastday!

:thumbsup: Good post.

Let me get this straight: the U.S. and other Western countries should protect our rights and freedoms by throwing those values out the window from time to time?

She reminds me of the Lonesome Roads character in the film “A Face in the Crowd”…

I don’t ever judge anyone on simply one thing that they say- nor do I allow the American media much influence on my opinion. I’m tired of the judgement and divisiveness- and am saddened by the way we now treat each other. As Catholics, we are called to love one another like Jesus taught us to do. So…if “Palin officially lost you with this” then perhaps a prayer would be more in order- both for her and for yourself.

I wonder what she would say to this vet who is critical of her remarks and doesn’t view torture as a legitimate or moral means of protecting our freedoms.

I had breakfast with a disabled vet today and we talked about this. He had LOTS of thoughts, none positive. He wasn’t too happy about Sarah Palin’s stance on torture, meaning of the first amendment, or her idea that if you’re truly patriotic, you would support her stance over Obama’s. (He also pointed out that his benefits have increased under Obama.)

He said, and I wholeheartedly agree, that politicizing military support is a dirty thing to do, and you only disservice the military when you do that. Can’t we as Americans, regardless of political affiliation, give each other the benefit of the doubt that we all support the troops and want what’s best for the country even if we disagree on what that is?


For the record, I’m not judging her person or her soul, just her position. I have no ill-feelings toward her either, except maybe disappointment.

I don’t feel I owe any politician my support, they have to earn it. For me, it’s not so much her remark at the NRA rally that lost me, though I disagreed with it, but her response to the criticism. If a politician mocks and belittles critics and calls into question their patriotism and intelligence because they disagree with them, then they won’t have my vote or support.

I just can’t stand behind a person who not only supports torture but then mocks people who don’t. That’s why I said she lost me, I don’t appreciate being ignored and mocked by someone who’s supposedly standing up for my rights. :nope:

But I do need prayers I admit. And will appreciate any you could give me. :thumbsup:

Exactly. :thumbsup:

Unless she’s changed since the last time I heard her, I find her partisan rhetoric unChristian and unhelpful to the GOP.

Btw, I’m conservative.

Palin lost me a long time ago.

I’m a conservative female too.

Welcome to the club!

Sarah Palin is not my favorite person, but she is not without some value in speaking plainly in this world of blue smoke and mirrors.

I am not yet persuaded that “torture” is correctly applied to something like waterboarding, in which no lasting physical harm is done, and which elite troops (and terrorists) voluntarily undergo as part of their training.

I’m with you on that Robyn. I can even see some “enhanced interrogation techniques” might be more effective, but I am not sure at what point it becomes torture. But Baptism? What on earth does that have to do with torture? It all has to be caustic one liners.

Well this is what you get in the modern age -people are very confused about what being conservative, or libertarian, or anything not-left-wing actually is or means…

…which is how you arrive at the current situation where the ranks of the “right” are swelled full of people who are merely authoritarian, who hold to no higher principles whatsoever, and who grew up thinking that they must be right wing because they can identify with the Emperor from the Star Wars films.

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