Zacchaeus and today's Gospel reading LK 19:1-10


I have a question about today’s Gospel reading:

Was Zacchaeus single?

I see no indication in the Gospel that Zacchaeus was married or had a family of his own.



I don’t know, but I imagine if he was married, his wife may have been unhappy that he gave away half of his wealth plus four times any amounts that were obtained by extortion. “You did WHAT???” On the other hand, she too may have repented and been saved that day.


Honest question: Why would it matter?


Scripture does not say, and I don’t know why it would matter, except that most people were married, so it’s likely he was too.



Clement of Alexandria says that Zaccheus was surnamed Matthias, for what it’s worth… he is suggesting that Zaccheus took the place of Judas among the Twelve. The Apostolic Constitutions say he became the first bishop of Cesarea.

There’s also a medieval legend associated with him that puts him in France, but this is less likely.

In any event, if we take these together with the fact that he was a tax collector - which would have made him quite disreputable - it seems probable that he was unmarried.

FWIW. :shrug:


Not necessarily. Priestly celibacy was not the norm for some time after the NT period. And money is the ultimate attractor.



Of course not necessarily. But it would seem appropriate not to choose a married man for the apostolic vocation when there are single men around who would be more available.


FWIW. :shrug:

St. Zacchaeus, pray for us!


… or married. :smiley:

He had lots of money … .:wink:


On the other hand, if she was an observant Jew, then she would’ve realized that Zacchaeus was merely doing what the Mosaic law required for atonement for those who cheated and stole. :shrug:


The Church has not defined it as dogma. Therefore, it is not binding on the faithful.

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