Zechariah 13 verse 7


“I will strike the shepard, and the sheep will be scattered”

When the shepard is killed, the sheep are scattered. in MT 26, 31 the Evangilist quotes from this verse, in somewhat different form, the words, I will smite the shepard, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered, as said by Christ shortly before his arrest in the Garden of Olives and the flight of the Apostles.

Can anyone explain is more simple terms what is going on here?

Is this refering to Judas handing Jesus over and His apostles scattered in the process?

What brought the flock of sheep back together? Or are some still scattered?


I think this refers to Israel. The king of Israel was the spiritual leader. It was said that “so goes the king, so goes Israel”. When the kings of Israel fell into sin, Israel paid for it. Finally this led to the Diaspora, or the scattering of the Israeli’s into exile.



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