Zechariah 2:14-17 not in KJV

Yesterdays reading, Zechariah 2:14-17, is not in the KJV. Does anyone have info on why? I know about the 7 DC Books, and I knew parts of Esther and Daniel where not in the KJV, but I didn’t realize this about Zechariah. Are there any other parts missing in the KJV?

It’s not in the RSV/CE or the D-R either. So what’s your point?

Look again. The chapter divisions are different. So, while the NAB shows Zech 2:14-17, this same text shows up in the RSV-CE at Zech 2:10-14. Likewise, the text in the NAB that’s marked as Zech 2:1-4 shows up n the RSV-CE as Zech 1:18-21.

I had no point, just a question. :shrug:

Thank you, this is what I was wondering.

The ancient manuscripts that are available for copying and translation can vary substantially in their arrangement and sometimes in their content. It all depends upon which manuscript that a particular bible translation is based on. In truth, all trust must be placed in the Church, as Saint Jerome, working in the late 300s on translating the scriptures into Latin, did not have a single original copy of anything. He worked from copies of copies of copies of copies. And, the bibles we have today are not even based on the copies that Jerome used, because they perished long ago also. This is where the Magisterium of the Church and the Apostolic Tradition are crucial in the transmission of the faith down through the generations.

Thanks for this info. I homeschool my two children and every morning we read the days readings. One will look up the first reading and the other looks up the gospel. We have two Bibles, mine and my husbands which is a KJV. I always make sure whoever is looking up one of the DC books has my Bible, but if it’s one of the other books of the Bible I don’t worry about who has which Bible. Yesterday when my son couldn’t find the verse for Zechariah my first thought was just that it would be in the start of chapter 3. I didn’t think of it being earlier in the chapter. I knew someone on here would be able to enlighten me. Thank you very much, now I can explain this to the children.

Which bible are you using? The US Catholic Church uses a modified version of the NAB/RE that we cannot yet buy. The gender-inclusive language and a few other bits and pieces of the original NAB and NAB/RE were not acceptable for liturgical use. Here at CAF, bible versions seem to be as controversial as the Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant arguments!

Just for the sake of beauty, I will mention that I have found several of the pre-NAB bibles, known as the Confraternity Bible (1941-1969) in Goodwill stores or on eBay. Many of them - particularly the family-sized editions - contain absolutely beautiful artwork, doctrinal lists, histories of the scriptures, pictorial Rosaries and other features that are very instructive, and which our modern bibles often lack. It is my favorite bible version, actually. Here is a link to one such version: forums.catholic.com/showpost.php?p=11492858&postcount=14

Mine is the St Joseph edition NAB. It uses almost exactly the same language as what I find on-line for the Daily Readings at USCCB. I mentioned to my husband about getting the children their own Bibles for Christmas this year. He thought it was a great idea until I asked him who gets to pick them out. :blush: I pray that God will make straight the crooked lines I’ve drawn. Fifteen years my husband has been going to the Catholic Church with me. When we first got married I knew it would only take a few times of going to Mass before he fell in love with the Mass. Now I wonder if he ever will. At least he’s closer than he used to be. If you feel called to it pray for us please.

Prayers ascending!

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