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To whomever can help,
My son and I just watched a movie on google video that makes so many silly claims about the supposed origin of all religions having come from various forms of astrology. The video is getting wide spread release over the net. My son has an atheist friend who sent him the link thinking that we would be lulled into re-thinking our positions. Has anyone else seen it and can you point me to a good source to expose the misinformation?


someone tried to sway me with this garbage propaganda on a politics message board…just ignore it, it is a viral video which people will forget soon enough.


Thanks for your reply. Your probably right about just ignoring it, but I do feel compelled to find some refutations that I can show to my son to help him feel secure in his faith. I don’t think this has shaken him but I detect a shadow of doubt about my ability to defend our faith. I’m not a scholar and it would take me years to gather the info on my own. I was just hoping someone else might have run into this and found a web site or something that can take this thing apart a claim at a time. I did find one lie, by the way, just this morning. I looked over “Josephus Antiquities” and found a mention of “James-the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ”. They claimed that no ancient historian mentions the existence of Jesus and included Josephus in their list of historians.
Anyway I’ll pray for your successful discernment and cast my vote for the Oblates. Also if you could take a moment and pray for my 4 sons, Nick, Justin, Alec and Phillip, that at least one of them may hear the same call.


I have to warn you that what they are doing is basically just giving you a really long reading list, and not even watching it all I can tell you the movie is pathetic and a copycat (the sources are most likely Gerald Massey and Godfrey Higgins) and of a few other films that are out there.

I watched the first two parts and I couldnt take it anymore. First of all I love some of the comments like "best documentary ever, It debunks Christianity AND proves 9/11 was set up by the US government!!!"Little do they realize that its actually not a documentary at all but more like an indoctrination. I coulda stopped there. This reeks of 3rd grade scholarship combined with ample use of marijuana friendly effects so you can see there main audience is stoners who need a break from trying to sync up wizard of oz with dark side of the moon.

The whole ‘born of a virgin on the 25th of december etc etc’ is as far as I got so ill deal with that.

  1. Horus was NOT born of a virgin. His mother Isis conceived him by having sex with a dead chopped up Osiris (his penis was eaten by fish btw, so she had to make another one for him). So obviously thats an outright lie or they are trying to play semantic games. Most Egyptologists place Horus’ birth on the 31st day of the Egyptian month of Khoiak, which we dont have much evidence how that transfers over to our modern calendar (1 in 365 chance).

2.Mithra was however born of a virgin, and that is because you cannot have sex with rocks and get them pregnant. Yes, Mithra was born out of a virgin rock (lol), and yes 3 kings were there, but they did more than just witness the birth, they helped pull him out of the rock, but keep in mind that they were there in a time where men were not supposed to be even created yet! Oh ya and he was born fully formed and was never a child.

So i mean you can tell the pattern here, and it follows with the others they mention. Half of what they say is straight up false, the rest is just word games sometimes combined with very unscholarly speculation.

If you wanna read up on what is commonly called Christ-myths, heres a site to start on (lots and lots of footnotes!!):


I dont own this site or know the guy who does, but he does a heck of alot of research and it would be cool if you donated a few bucks to support him because the service.:thumbsup:


Thanks for the help. It’s exactly what I was hoping for. There is enough material there to keep us off the streets and out of trouble for months!


I stumbled upon this forum while doing some research for the film Zeitgeist. I am currently making a new film entitled Zeitgeist: Refuting the Spirit of the Age which should be out this December.

Although I am not a Catholic, I hope many of you will find this film helpful in witnessing to the lost. The transcript can be viewed at my website. Look for the movie soon!



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