Zelazny/Chronicles of Amber aficionados?

Anyone here fans of the late, great SF/fantasy author Roger Zelazny and/or his Amber books?


Here’s him reading at a con in 1986:


Oh, yes :thumbsup:


I read the whole thing in about 4-5 days when I was in hospital a few years ago. :smiley:

I just loved the transformation of the characters and the unexpected ending. I’m not normally into fantasy but I liked this because it wasn’t romantic (no elves, fairies, silver bells or bunnies LOL) and the characters were real. The story is a definite page turner.

Thanks for the link :thumbsup:

What are his other works like?

I finally got the collected edition of the Amber novels and read them all through several months ago. After the final novel there were more mysteries to be resolved, but, unfortunately, he never got around to writing another Amber novel before he died. The Byzantine intrigues are confusing, which is to me the greatest weakness of these novels, but I find them a fascinating work of the imagination. You don’t know what extraordinary thing will happen next.

I think I have read everything Zelazny wrote. The Dilvish the damned books, Doorways in the Sand, Lord of Light, his short stories ‘Comes Now the Power’ ‘Last Defender of Camelot’.

I just got done rereading the entire Chronicles of Amber, again. I like the series centered on Corwin better than the series centered on his son Merlin. But they both have their high points.

I think ‘Lord of Light’ was his best work though.

I’d like to read more of his books. And this is not my prefered genre at all :slight_smile:

I learned something very interesting about Zelazny this weekend. Does anyone know who optioned his novel Lord of Light for filming in 1980, and the reason why the film was never made?

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