Zelda Classic Thread

Here you may ask for help on, chat about, talk about and give help on Zelda Classic, Quests, ZQuest etc.

I do know how to make talking enemies, bosses etc.

#1: DMap 3, Map 3, Screen 3 Level 1+

#2: DMap 2, Map 3, Screen 3 Level 1+

Ok on #2: for example right before you get to the boss/enemies room make a tile warp say for example like in #1 and in #1 put Room Zelda, F9 Warp Tics 1,000 equals 1 second I think then make a Tile and Side Warp for example back to #2.

S is for Strings in Zelda Classic and can be used consecutively.

Personally, I have to say I love Zelda Classic and I’m surprised it’s so unheard of.

Any favorite quests? Mines definately Arena Fight.

What tiles does Arena Fight use original Legend of Zelda?

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