Zimbabwe opposition leader pulling out of election, citing mounting violence, intimidation

“We can’t ask the people to cast their vote on June 27 when that vote will cost their lives. We will no longer participate in this violent sham of an election,” he said. “Mugabe has declared war, and we will not be part of that war.”


A victory for tyranny.

I guess Tsvangirai decided he was going to lose, either at the polls or with his life. I’m not sure what can be done now.

The people of Zimbabwe need our prayers.

From what I read, the death threats were real enough.

In the U.S., economic power and wealth come from the private sector … making money in business.

In Africa, economic power and wealth come from the government sector … making money through various “extractions” … we would call it corruption … shakedowns enforced by killing people. Sounds harsh, but that’s the way it is.

Consider how many people enter government “service” and come out wealthy … super wealthy.

We need to provide more education in other models so that the corruption and violence stops.

Right now, the only way that the people get any relief from the corruption and violence is to emigrate to the United States … where you get to keep some of what you make. And where anyone with a good idea has the potential to become a millionaire or even a billionaire. Everyone all over the world admires all those software whizbangs … Most of them started out with nothing and no thugs with machine guns showed up to rip them off.

I have a lot of friends from these countries and they have a huge sense of relief when they realize that the promise of America is real.

One fellow at work had a question with some tax issue so I called the office of the head of a Congressional committee to get information; the fellow said, “You can do that???”. “Yes, you can. This is America.”

One department head at a company where I worked asked me why so many of the new employees … all recent immigrants to the United States … were so fearful. I told him that they all came from countries that were run like penal colonies.

One fellow was the sole surviving member of his family … all the others had been murdered by government thugs … and he only survived because he was able to act like he belonged to a different group … one day his boss in that country, who was not fooled, handed him a Fulbright scholarship and suggested he get out of the country. If he stuck around any longer, they would find him out and kill him (and also kill the others who had been shielding him).

There needs to be an intervention by force. But it should be initiated and directed by African states, not the US or the UN. Such an intervention brought down Idi Amin in Uganda.

There is little we can do but make it worse, if we intervene. It is what Mugabe wants; a foreign enemy, the “white imperialist” he hopes to use to bring the people in line behind him.

It is unfortunate that Mugabe, who began with such promise, descended slowly into corruption and madness. There is no good result to any of this, only the least horrible of outcomes.

May the people of Zimbabwe find their way to that point, with whatever help we and others can give.

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