Zimbabwe women accused of raping men 'for rituals'

Zimbabwean police believe there is a nationwide syndicate of women raping men, possibly to use their semen for use in rituals that claim to make people wealthy.

It has taken more than a year for any arrests to be made, and on Monday three women are to go on trial in the capital, Harare, over the allegations which have shocked the country.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri told the BBC that they believe that there is a syndicate operating nationwide. “We have received reports from around the country from different towns and provinces, it’s been happening on the highways,” he said. “We are yet to find out the real reason why this is happening. We have heard speculation that it’s linked to rituals.” He appealed for witnesses to come forward. “We need to hear from people who are prepared to tell,” the superintendent said.

The semen is believed to be used in rituals to bring success in business, and there are suggestions that the semen is being taken outside the country for sale.


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