Zippered Leather "Christian Prayer" from Catholic Book Publishing Company (lots of pics)


I thought I’d post a few pictures of the zippered, bonded leather “Christian Prayer” from Catholic Book Publishing Company.

The manufacturer’s item number is 406/23. The ISBN is 978-0-89942-424-8.

I was surprise when I opened it to find that this version has chant notation. The title page says “Edition with Music”. I own the non-zippered large print version from about five years ago and it has no musical notation at all. My first impression of the zipper is that it is pretty heavy-duty. Time will tell but I am happy with the quality and feel so far.



Looks like a very nice volume! I didn’t know it came in a zippered edition.


Looks nice, though I wonder if it’s “bonded Leather.” I’ve emailed with CBP a few times explaining I won’t buy their Ordinary Form Missal until genuine Leather covers are offered again. I’ve just had too many problems with cracked office chairs and belts breaking with that stuff. I was just looking today through a St. Joseph’s Daily Missal my church has from 1959 that still looks almost brand new with it’s genuine Leather cover. I wonder if this new one will last as long.


Very nice.

Glad you found what you were looking for.


It is bonded leather.

I tend to be rough on equipment. I guarantee that neither the book nor it’s owner will be around 55 years from now.



Wonderful as always, Tim! :slight_smile:


This is the shortened condensed version of the “Liturgy of the Hours” or the “Divine Office”, which the Priests, Deacons, Second & Third Orders use for daily prayer.


This is the shortened or condensed version of “The Liturgy of the Hours” or what the Priests, Deacons, Second & Third Orders call the “Divine Office”; which is used for daily prayer.


The art is very unfortunate, but otherwise this looks like a nice volume.


Oh, I don’t know. That lamb is rather cute. :slight_smile:

I owned this particular version of Christian Prayer myself, and can vouch for its quality.


Being used to seeing images such as the following when I open my Missal I’ll have to agree…


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