Zombie Apocalypse Question

So when the zombie apocalypse eventually happens, will it be permissable to simply kill a person who has been bitten to protect the group, or will we have to wait until the person actually turns into a zombie?

I am assuming that it is morally permissable to “kill” a zombie, since they are already dead and just operating through whatever the mechanism is that is controlling the corpse.

Is this a serious question? :blush:

I have read somewhere that the position of the Catholic Church would be the same as its stance on killing in general. We are not to kill anyone unless in legitimate defense CCC 2263. This would be how we are to treat zombies also, since we do not know for sure if their soul is still contained within the body. So unless in direct threat to ourselves or someone else, we are not to arbitrarily kill them. Also, we cannot kill anyone even if they are bit, another caveat is they cannot kill themselves either, since suicide is also a sin.

Well, I think the question of morality hinges upon whether or not you are riding a unicorn when you do it.

Agreed! I mean, this makes all the difference!

Interesting question. Would you let the person suffer the horrible turning into a zombie? or would you kill him so he wouldn’t have to endure such suffering?

I’m a bit confused myself :o

I’m sorry, but I must say your response sounded like it was open to the idea of euthanasia, something the Church is quite clearly against.

But what about to protect the group? Let us say that you have ± 8 hours from the time a person is bitten before their heart stops beating and they become a zombie. There is no getting around this. The moment one becomes a zombie they WILL bite you and you WILL become a zombie yourself.

Are we supposed to just tie them down and hold a shotgun to their brainstem for 8 hours until they stop twitching and then immediately pull the trigger?



There is no scientific proof whatsoever for the existence, or the possibility of the existence, of zombies, so as such we can conclude there WILL NOT be a zombie apocalypse.

Because of this, please clarify; do you truly intend this as a serious hypothetical question, or is it a joke, or do you truly believe there will be a Zombie Apocalypse?

Woah. It is!? Didn’t know haha. Just got interested in the question :smiley:

(Zombie fan)

No need to be so harsh. The OP was just asking a question. He’s only CONSIDERING the possibility of a ZA.

Also, note to the OP…

What does this question have ANYTHING to do with Moral Theology?

:thumbsup: While I don’t mind watching movies or TV with vampires, werewolves, zombies, and the like; I knew a long time ago that it was just make believe. :smiley:

Oh, I’m sorry. Why is this a serious question?

another option would be to leave them behind. or if you are hold up somewhere, make the bitten person leave. Morally speaking, we cannot condone euthanasia or suicide, cannot kill anyone unless it is in legitimate self-defense or yourself or someone else in grave danger.

Officially, since zombies, in the undead George Romero-esque version, are not real, there is no official position taken by the Catholic Church from what I understand, but we are to follow the CCC on homicide, murder and the taking of life.

Ok, good.

The way you worded this thread, I wasn’t sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

The un-dead souls have gone to their final destination, so shoot, whack, chainsaw, bludgeon, stab, grenade, flame thrower, impale, skewer, etc… away in good conscience.

The problem with killing someone as soon as they are bitten is that you may not have 100% certainty that they will turn into a zombie. How do you know that it’s not 99.99%?

Gosh Lesainte… ure kidding right? dont u have better things to think about? Haha!

Well… but since u seem wanting to be serious about it. Nope. Not going to happen… No ZA mentioned in revelation.

I didn’t start the thread. lol.

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