'Zombies’ show up to counter Westboro Baptist Church protestors

Mel Brooks said once, if you want to insult your enemy, smack him in the face. If you want to VANQUISH him, turn him into a bafoon. :wink:

After reading this story, you may begin to see zombies in a whole new light. While they get a lot of criticism for their love of human flesh, it turns out that some zombies also go out of their way to support the troops.

The Westboro Baptist Church had recently announced that it would be holding one of its protests outside the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in DuPont, Washington. But last Friday, the controversial group was met with a far larger group of counterprotesters—dressed as zombies.




the one time i find myself cheering for the zombies. :smiley:

:thumbsup: :smiley:

Well, there are zombies in the Bible…

I am surprised no one from Westboro went to Aurora Colorado.

awesome. Those westboro’s were here last summer during a funeral for a soldier. You should of saw the parents face. The things that those baptist were saying to them… IT was heart breaking. :frowning:

BTW, it does say in the bible Jesus will raise the living and the Dead… Maybe there will be Zombies?:thumbsup:

Is it bad that I am looking forward to a Zombie Apocalypse… lol :eek: :eek:

This reminds me of the Zombies vs Jesus video: zombiesvsjesus.com/#all


the toughest thing to do in a zombie apocalypse is pretend your not excited :smiley:

And my uncle is part of a group that stops horrible people like this.

What would actually be funnier would be counter-protesters showing up dressed up like the Phelps crowd, exaggerated of course.
Maybe if they donned the atire of the Beverly Hillbillies or Hee Haw.
This has enormous comedy potential…:smiley:

A few months after I attended a weekday Mass at St. John’s church, in McAlester, Oklahoma, while visiting an ill family member in the hospital, the Westboro Baptists set up a protest on front of, or on the side, rather, of St. John’s church. I think they were protesting a nearby funeral, but they are also known for being very anti-Catholic. I think that it was other Protestants who set up the counter protest, as you can see in this video of the event:


Notice, too, in the video, that it’s only a few women and children from the Westboro Baptists who were holding the signs in protest, but they sure drew a lot of attention.

I happen to live about a mile and a half from these bigoted loonies. Maybe someone in our fair city of Topeka can do a continuing Zombie counter-protest for WBC’s local stupidities


Ha! Glad to see that Wetboro is finding that people are getting tired of their nonsense.

Cool! So what if they eat a little human flesh now and then, they get my vote.

This thread is from back in July.
But maybe we can organize a Zombie counter protest wherever they show up again.
Any volunteer zombies out there?

Or maybe in three piece suits (the cheap kind), considering there is at least two or three lawrels in the family cult!!! :eek::D:p

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