Zoo officials apologize for display of African man in 1906

Are TPTB at the Bronx Zoo being too hard on themselves?

Not at all too hard on themselves. Their apology, owning up to their racist past, is commendable.




It doesn’t really mean anything. Sure the people now can apologize, but none of them were involved with the initial exhibit. Why take the blame for something you didn’t do in order to apologize to people who probably wouldn’t care even if they were alive today?


People can speak on behalf of organizations. They’re not apologizing personally.


not many Nazis alive today, and its hardly appropriate to ignore their crimes!

This link is old news, but it shows class by Bayer


This goes beyond remembering a situation. This sort of personal apology just feels very fake to me. The CEO of Bayer has a bit more of a leg to stand on since Wiesel was actually interred within a concentration camp. But this museum business almost feels like a way for the directors to bring attention to themselves.

It is fake. Who even knows they had this on display as these people are all dead. Bringing attention to it is just fluing a fire.


I grew up in the Bronx and visited the zoo many times every summer.

I never heard of this story until perhaps ten years or so ago.

How could people, not very long ago, put a human on display as if he were a curiosity?


Because people are people and they do and continue to do a lot of disgusting things.


It’s still do saddening. :disappointed:

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Margaret Sanger…

From article posted…

The conservation society officials also condemned the “eugenics-based, pseudoscientific racism” promoted by two of its founders, Madison Grant and Henry Fairfield Osborn Sr.

Eugenics, a movement promoting selective human breeding to weed out characteristics seen as undesirable, had many adherents in the early decades of the 20th century and was influential in shaping Nazi policies.

Men can marry men and women kill their children.

To think we have evolved much since this sort of idiocy is naive.


Virtue signalling, it’s good for the brand!


You think gay marriage is comparable to human zoo exhibits, slavery, and concentration camps. Wow.

Where did he draw a comparison?

In his post.

You think gay marriage is a similar form of “idiocy” to exhibiting black people at a zoo?


Today we have candidates for president and significant numbers of young people promoting socialism, when in the last century 100 million or more civilians were killed by socialist regimes.
“ To think we have evolved much since this sort of idiocy is naive.”

No. I am not comparing Bernie Sanders to Hitler or Stalin or Mao, but the observation stands.

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He didn’t say it was a “similar form” of idiocy.

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