Zoo Tycoon 2 (are you also addicted to your child's computer game?)


My daughter is addicted to Zoo Tycoon 2, and she now has gotten me hooked! It hasn’t been this bad since I beat the top boss of Super Mario Bros 2!:eek:

Are there any other parents out there who have become addicted to their childrens’ computer or video games?


Excuse me if I don’t answer for a while, I need to build a new enclosure and pick my next animal. :smiley:


Well my daughters are to young to be into video games, but that doesn’t stop me from playing them. I like playing “halo 2”, and “gears of war”. although i must admit that “gears of war” is too graphic and has a lot of adult language:( ;. Other games that I like to play are real old school games like ms. pac man, galaga, but I am also into “rts” games.


We’re still expecting our first, but my DH LOVES my little sister’s games (she’s 11). The first time he encountered Zoo Tycoon was at my parents’ house and he got on her game and accidentally let all the lions loose. :smiley: Now he plays Train Tycoon (or is it Railroad or something?) and he just got introduced to the Fish Tycoon this past weekend.

He is also a big Halo fan and Star Trek video games fan (or really any RPG games).


My youngest daughter loves Zoo Tycoon. Of course she knows the money cheat. In case you don’t know it is Shift and $ at the same time.

My oldest son bought Sims the complete set, for his sisters and my kids love this game.

At night to help me sleep, I play a couple hours of Oblivion. This is a great role playing game!


Between Zoo Tycoon 2 and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, it’s a wonder I ever get anything done! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi I’m back. I had a little trouble with the penguin display. I had to adopt out all the penguins and redo the whole thing! The koalas are breeding awfully quickly. I had to adopt out some of them.


For our 1st wedding anniversary, my hubby and I got RCT 2 and played it for about 5 hours :smiley: We used to play it a lot while dating, so it was nostalgic (but also fun!).

Does anyone here know about Game Giveaway of the Day? game.giveawayoftheday.com

Each day a game you normally have to pay for (usually around $20) is available to be downloaded free–and no spyware, etc. I’ve found some really fun ones :slight_smile: Today’s game is a cute car racing game, and most of the games are suitable for kids (and adults too)!


Okay, you guys are making me want to go out and buy that Zoo Tycoon 2 game. It sounds like it is right up my alley. Now when my girls were younger we started out by renting game machines and games from the video stores then we got out own system and I got hooked on Bomber Man! It was so much fun but I never got to the end, there are just not enough un-claimed hours in the day to do that for me.

Brenda V.


I’m still having trouble with the penguin display. The penguins are not happy because the water is dirty. Any tips? How do you clean the water?

Also, when the zookeepers can’t clean up the poop, what do you do? And what about when they can’t get to the water? I’m also having alot of trouble with the koalas.


Computer rpgs are the greatest technological development since the Internet. :smiley:

I’ve been playing the Might and Magic seires, and Baldur’s Gate, off and on for years, and still enjoying them. :slight_smile:


Author Ian Rankin did a TV interview last year in September where he confessed that his new novel would be late by six months and not out in time for Christmas. The Reason? Civilisation 4. Apparently he had to physically destroy the disks in order to get any work done.

I picked it up when I saw it on offer at my local games store. It went from 11am to midnight in less than (what felt like) two hours. A total thief of time! Now If I could only wean myself of Battlefield 2 I’d be cured!


When our daughter got the original Zoo Tycoon I was totally hooked for weeks.:o


Anyone know how to clean the penguin water?:confused:

I’m thinking of getting the koalas squared away, releasing them to the wild, and turning their display into something else. They keep causing me trouble. I’m not sure what I did wrong.


I’m back. My daughter came home and instructed me in the task of helping to tend to the animals and clean their living spaces. I’ve added many animal displays and my zoo now is a 5 star one. I still have room to expand.

I apologized to my husband about the messy house saying that I was busy cleaning the penguin pool. :smiley:


My daughter gets me hooked on all of her games, mainly because she’ll run into something she needs help on and then I’m history.

The current list:

Diner Dash 1 and 2
Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom

I’m not so good at “adult” games, so I like her games anyway, cause I can usually get to much higher levels! :smiley:

God bless!



Well, my child is too young for computer games, but that hasn’t stopped my addiction. I have Real Arcade and the Game Pass they offer . . . a monthly charge gets me a free game and a $5 discount on any other game every month. I play all the time. I loved Diner Dash . . . 1, 2, and 3! Now I’m playing Stand O Food and FizzBall.

Anyway, I’m giving up video games for Lent. . . it will be hard, but I know they’ve become a little overly time consuming.



I love Zoo Tycoon and the Sims. I teach a community English class on Saturday mornings and told my students about Sims. Now they are all hooked! I also loved Pharoh and Ceaser.



I haven’t played Zoo Tycoon, but from what I’ve read here I think I will go buy it today! I don’t have kids or a hubby, so my only excuse is I love challenging games. I found Fish Tycoon a few months ago, and played until I found all the magic fish (and about 300 of the 400 fish combinations). That is an addictive game! If Zoo Tycoon is anything like Fish Tycoon, I will be permanently attached to my computer!


I am addicted to Spiro…I love that little Dragon…

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