Zoom series trains priests to minister to transgender people

I thought this was an interesting read. :slight_smile:

From the article:

“She (Sister Luisa Derouen) said she hopes to help debunk beliefs about trans people that Catholic leaders often spread — such as the idea that one’s gender is fixed at birth or that transgender identity is an ideology or a mental illness.”


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National Catholic Reporter is not a reputable Catholic information/news source.





What about the falsehoods that they spread, such as that someone’s sexual orientation is fixed, and cannot be reformed in therapy?


That is still up for debate and is a perfectly legitimate area to disagree on. It’s the actions that are a sin, not the orientation in itself.


Not for the people who have been denied conversion therapy because it is banned by law, and recommendation of medical professionals.

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Conversion therapy has been proven to not work.


“Proven” by whom?


That’s not what he said.


Basic biology?

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Priests can and should minister to anyone.


That is not a ‘whom’, but thanks for playing.

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Does she distinguish among…

the people who feel trapped on the wrong body since birth…

from the people who feel fine in their bodies until something upsets them and now they want a sex change operation and hormones…

and the wannabes who are out for attention?

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I hope she doesn’t, I hope she sees all of them as children of God going through a very hard time.
Ps. I lived for a while in an area ‘famous’ for transgender prostitution. I wish a nun like this would have been in that area too.


Why not both?
Why not recognize human suffering and try to get down to the bottom of all this very new “transgender” issue?


Now maybe transgenderism is more widespread among middle class US teens and is kind of ‘trending’ or ‘cool’ in the liberal circles but transgender people have been there for ages and in all cultures.
In Italy for example ‘femminielli’ (transgender women) have their own religious festival at the Church of Montevergine since 1256; supposedly at that time Our Lady miraculously saved two gay lovers that were going to be killed by an angry mob.

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While gender bending behaviors have existed since the beginning, the “feeling trapped in the wrong body” phenomenon emerges in the medical literature in the late 1800s and was very rare.

The new phenomenon of large numbers of kids feeling fine in their own bodies until something upsets them at or around puberty is only seen within the last 20 years and is growing.

How come?


I mentioned already previously that in the USA what we see seems more connected with a cultural trend. This doesn’t change the fact that transgender people shouldn’t be shunned or become easy prey of human trafficking.
In this sense the nun in the article offers a first line help that is showing unconditional love.
I think without creating trust and a welcoming environment (what the nun is doing) there is no way to open a dialogue on morality or Church teaching.
You know the old say… you get more flies with a spoon of honey than with a barrel of vinegar.

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That’s one piece of the puzzle.

The fact is, there is an enormous amount of sexual brokenness, kids being encouraged to be promiscuous, ridiculous standards of beauty, males and females don’t really like each other anymore, toxic “girl power”, MGTOWs, too many broken families, too few fathers in the picture…

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