Hey everybody (^__~) Welcome to my profile!

I’m one of those irritatingly optimistic people- heck, ya could probably hit me in the head with a hammer, and I’d still be all like, “You’re awesome!” I try to always look on the bright side of things!

Eccentric, silly, energetic, I’m your friendly neighborhood pipsqueak. (Ugh. Complete with probably the squeakiest darn voice, ever.)

I love to learn new things.
Recently one of those ‘new things’ would be Catholicism!

Having grown up in a family that isn’t very spiritual, I somehow always felt drawn to spirituality, to faith.

In between my jobs at a coffee shop and beauty supply store, I’m trying to start a blog, and maybe do a little writing on the side! Gahh. Always. So. Busy. But I always try to make lots of time for my friends and peeps~

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